Thursday, May 24, 2007


Glenn Gould [1932–1982] was a Canadian pianist and proably the best one ever. He was noted especially for his recordings of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Glenn gave up concert performances in 1964, dedicating himself to the recording studio for the rest of his career. Both his recordings of Bach's Goldberg Variations [in 1955 and 1981] are highlights in contemporary classic music. Some more informations at wiki

Glenn Gould plays Bach's piano concerto no.4 in A - BMV 1055 [the files are about 10-13-10-MB.]

Glenn Gould plays Bach's Goldberg Variations - BMV 988 [the 1981 version - about 75MB.]
Variation 1 of 30 comes as a sample

Allways use a headphone for music. The Sennheiser PX100 is a best-buy light weight for around 50 bucks.


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